Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This weeks proves to be quite busy for me, I have so many people contacting me for so many different projects and jobs. I am quite excited to start writing articles on my favorite topics. Even though I am always quite hesitant about my grammar, when I start I can't stop. I used to write short sci-fi novels when I was a teenager, I think the notepads are still in my parental home, I should defiantly re read when I am back, hopefully this summer. 

I always dreamed of writing a book, since in my teens I read this fascinating book called Breathe by Anne-Sophie Brasme, who was a teenager herself when she published it. I found Breathe to be a really captivating story about friendship borderline obsession leading to a tragedy. 

"After a brief idyllic period the girls' relationship becomes rocky and friendship veers towards obsession. As Sarah drops Charlene for older, more glamorous friends, Charlene's devotion spirals into hatred. Unfolding slowly and eerily towards a shocking conclusion, Breathe is an intense, convincing portrait of a possessive and ambiguous friendship."

Being a teenager, I could relate to quite a lot of things, especially to Sarah. I am not really proud of it, but I used to change my best friends every other month, resulting in their hatred for me. I feel quite sad now and am always fascinated by people having their best friends since their childhood, it's so rare as any other long lasting relationship. Especially for me who is bored with everything easily and I can't finish so many things I started. That's why I was always scared of writing a proper book. I know I can. I have so many Ideas. But I know I will drop it half way. Maybe.

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