Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Film Review: Contracted

I finally got to watch Contracted (2013) today. It has pretty low reviews on IMDB, but it hasn't stopped me as it usually does from watching it, as I seen some decent films with the same reviews and ratings. I think depends on viewers personal preferences. All I can say is I really, really, REALLY liked it. There are some flows,
some stuff doesn't adds up at times. But this is the best zombie film (this can be a spoiler and it's not revealed until the very end) for the past couple of years for me. It's pretty disgusting, with a lot of gore and blood and bleeding vagina with warms in it to say the least. Haha.

Basically tells a story of a lesbian girl having unprotected sex at the party, and following 3 days of her life, while she feels funny, thinking that she got a venereal disease, her life falls apart, she becomes more and more sick as well as mental. It has a lot of good tensions, suspense, and things building up nicely.

Every minute kept me really entertained, I couldn't put my finger on what is actually wrong with her, maybe until the last 3 minutes, which made me really surprised.

Overall, any horror film lover should see it. It's such a breath of fresh air, in all the recent indie horror films.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Real Life Domination

Still haven't got my hands on a midi PVC skirt, which is so unlike me. However I find I like this trend a lot.


This weeks proves to be quite busy for me, I have so many people contacting me for so many different projects and jobs. I am quite excited to start writing articles on my favorite topics. Even though I am always quite hesitant about my grammar, when I start I can't stop. I used to write short sci-fi novels when I was a teenager, I think the notepads are still in my parental home, I should defiantly re read when I am back, hopefully this summer. 

I always dreamed of writing a book, since in my teens I read this fascinating book called Breathe by Anne-Sophie Brasme, who was a teenager herself when she published it. I found Breathe to be a really captivating story about friendship borderline obsession leading to a tragedy. 

"After a brief idyllic period the girls' relationship becomes rocky and friendship veers towards obsession. As Sarah drops Charlene for older, more glamorous friends, Charlene's devotion spirals into hatred. Unfolding slowly and eerily towards a shocking conclusion, Breathe is an intense, convincing portrait of a possessive and ambiguous friendship."

Being a teenager, I could relate to quite a lot of things, especially to Sarah. I am not really proud of it, but I used to change my best friends every other month, resulting in their hatred for me. I feel quite sad now and am always fascinated by people having their best friends since their childhood, it's so rare as any other long lasting relationship. Especially for me who is bored with everything easily and I can't finish so many things I started. That's why I was always scared of writing a proper book. I know I can. I have so many Ideas. But I know I will drop it half way. Maybe.

Monday, April 14, 2014


No secret that I love Tom Ford even more as a person than a talented designer, well based on the interviews of only course, but that's all I need.

Do you get the most inspiration from nature? It is the ultimate beauty, after all.

Yes, nature is the closest thing to God and I don’t mean God by any sort of religion but by the connection to the universe, which I think we have lost. The American Indians had that and where I live is actually the center of the Anasazi Indian civilization. I even have two huge Anasazi ruins on the property of my ranch. I am not saying that there definitely is some sort of spirituality coming from there, but there might be. When you are close to the earth and you get up when the sun comes up and you go to sleep when it goes down, it puts everything in perspective.

So the glamour you stand for doesn’t interest you?

After just being in New Mexico for two months, I realized that I could really work from anywhere. I am really a loner after all; I am really not a social person. Because of my job people think I am out every night, but I really hate all that. I am somebody who likes to be alone and see some close friends. I am a shy and introspective person.

Read the rest of the interview HERE

Monday, April 7, 2014


Sometimes I get so nostalgic, seeing toys from the 90s, or my favorite old school video games coming out for IOS.
But nothing compares to this Polly Pocket Light-up Magical Mansion Playset I stumble upon recently online. I remember when I got this toy, there were no ending to my happiness, it's indescribable how excited I was.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

South Park The Stick Of Truth The Game

How exciting is that? South Park role-playing video game. No secret that I love South Park and always dreamed about playing a video game with an actual plot. You actually play as "The New Kid" who just moved in town.

"t. Sent out to make friends, the New Kid quickly allies with Butters, Princess Kenny and their leader Cartman, who are role-playing as humans in a fantasy war with the drow elves, led by Kyle and Stan. The New Kid, dubbed "Douchebag", is introduced to the Stick of Truth, a coveted item of unlimited power. The elves attack Cartman's backyard castle of Kupa Keep and take the Stick. Cartman banishes Clyde from the group for failing to defend the stick. With the help of Cartman's best warriors, Douchebag recovers the Stick from Jimmy. That night, Douchebag and several town residents are abducted by aliens. Douchebag escapes his confinement with the help of Stan's dad Randy, and crashes the alien ship into the town's mall."

Friday, March 21, 2014

Artists I Like: Oleg Dou

Oleg Dou is a really cool artist from Moscow. He manipulates photographs in Photoshop and other software.
  “I want to attain the feeling of presence one can get when walking by a plastic mannequin…” he has said.  “I am looking for something bordering between the beautiful and the repulsive, living and dead.”
No wonder, as he is inspired by 19th century child funeral portraits.