Monday, February 3, 2014

Artists I Like: Pasha Setrova

She's been on my facebook and instagram pages for ages, I always admired her dolls sculptures. Originally from Russia, she resides now in NYC. I am in Love with her dolls, they are incredibly detailed and almost alive, like they have a life story to tell. I can imagine how much hard work it takes to create one, but none less it is really motivational, as I have studied sculpture for couple of years, but was able to do animals and human bust only. Inspires me to get down and dirty with mud or porcelain.

Check her website HERE


  1. Wow. Some of the dolls are creepy but in a compelling way. I can understand the interest in this artist.


  2. Amazing job ! Im in love with her aristic prospective ...

  3. These are weird but kind of wonderful...

  4. some are creepy yet artistic work <3


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