Friday, March 14, 2014

Wolfy (Volchok). Film Review.

Watched it a while ago. It had a really weird effect on me. The most horrible thing to happen on screen in terms of make me really heart broken is animal cruelty and abandoned little children. I can't stand a parent leaving a child behind even though she cries and begs and promises to be good like in Wolfy. In English translation Volchok is a wolf cub, in Russian there is a double meaning for that word (funny thing so many people asked me to teach them Russian language this week) and another one is an old school rotating toy.
dying or leaving a child in films, especially if the child is running and crying after leaving parent promising to be good... well. It's too hard. Haha. Anyway I knew what i'm going for but watched the

Story is about a little girl, who never seen her mother for six years, because she was in jail. As she came out she didn't really cared about the girl, trying to sort out her own life, while dumping the girl on her mother. No matter that the girl loved he mother really deeply. So once while visiting her at the grandmothers, she gave her a toy Volchok, a really suitable name for a lonely little girl as well.

Film has a lot of cruelty like a mother throwing a beer bottle into a girls head, never the less you still see it as some twisted fairy tale. For example my favorite scene is girl befriending a dead boy on the graveyard, talking and even arguing with his grave portrait and visiting him every day, getting in trouble for that later on. Another powerful scene is mother telling a story to the girl how she found a bag at the graveyard and inside of it was her, she was a wolf cub at first but the mother brought her home and made her into a little girl.

I think it's a really good film anyone should see. It's a dirty reality, from the innocent childs point of view. Left me really emotional, that's why I'm trying to avoid those kind of films (Bury Me Behind the Baseboard (2009) is another good example I loved)

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