Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Life Is Not What It Appears To Be: Astrology And Space

I was always fascinated by the dark sky full of stars, when I was having some serious problems in life, just taking a walk and look at the stars made me so calm and relaxed, all my problems disappeared and seemed so irrelevant to me against this huge mysterious universe, filled with galaxies, stars, planets and as I want to believe other dimensions as well.  That's why I love science fiction and astrology so much. Maybe even more than horror films.

Astrology is really a funny thing, as sometimes it doesn't make any sense at all and description is not accurate and misleading. It all has to do with the astrologer in my opinion, as there are only a few people who really know what they are doing. One of my favorite astrologers is Susan Miller, she writes daily and monthly horoscopes really accurately, I would say that those are the only horoscopes I read. Sometimes they are so spot on that it's weird, she gives a good advice in relation to money, business, family, love live, travelling and loads of other things. Her site can be found here -astrologyzone She even has an Iphone application, which is really useful and easy to navigate.

My other favorite website is cafeastrology, it has some really cool articles and natal chart report which is really helpful if you want to know yourself or other people more, as a sun star sign is just a star sign, what important is other planets in your chart, which form all the personality traits.


  1. I've always nursed a fascination with astrology ever since I was a little girl. Staring out at a night sky full of stars never fails to bring me to peace with the world. When I was a kid, I actually named the three stars that sat in a row outside my bedroom window :P Since then I've moved to a different country and back but even in a different city, I still see them. So much has changed over the seven years but they're still there. Some of my cherished memories took place under the stars.

    I've had some scarily accurate horoscopes in the past too (one in particular, predicted a delayed flight right down to the day...)! I'll definitely check out Susan Miller's horoscopes.

    xx Lily

    1. Wow that is such a cool story, you have your own stars, I can only recognize my sing created by the star positions and russian sputnik haha, would love to do astronomy class. What is your star sign? Susan Miller is pretty much accurate just like that, like don't buy any electronic on that day, I bought and it broke same day;(


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