Friday, January 17, 2014

Paradise: Love. Film Review.

Paradise: Love by Ulrich Seidl is one of my favorite from the Paradise trilogy followed by Paradise: Faith and Paradise: Hope. The is drama film but feels like some dark comedy, filmed in 2012. It's about a 50 year old woman going to Kenya for sex tourism. She is a single mother on holiday for the first time with couple of friends. The woman doesn't know anything about sex tourism, and really is surprised seeing her not so attractive friends going out with younger man. They persuade her, and so she does the same thing. Man

convinces her that he doesn't need her money, only for her to provide a little help to his family. She feels really self conscious, and tries to get love from those man, only to realize later in the film that they are in fact using her for money. There is nothing glamorous about how it was filmed, feels a lot like an amateur pornography at times with a lot of explicit scenes. However you can't help but get glued to the screen. Probably because the topic is slightly shocking and haven't been covered before as much as I remember.
Anyway, I really suggest seeing this film, it can be really off putting but so fascinating at the same time, that you regret it ending.


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