Thursday, February 27, 2014

Artists I Like: Martin Wittfooth

Stumbled upon Martin Wittfooth art by accident and I was fascinated straight away. His art explores everything I love and appreciate. What not to love about animals on fire in post apocalyptic world and especially his love for polar bears? But

seriously, I think the art work is magical and so close to what I used to do for my final year at uni. Exploring the death in animals and manipulating it through photography, collage and art work. People thought I was completely insane, standing on a pavement taking pictures of smashed dead birds for hours, then doing a collage of them sitting on a branch, haha... too bad I submitted it but forgot to keep the copy for myself. However in my opinion it's not crazy or disgusting. It's beyond interesting. Exploring something off limits, taboo and generally inappropriate is my opinion of good art that should be disturbing, in a way to communicate the message and be memorable.

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