Sunday, January 19, 2014

London Art Fair 2014: Modern British And Contemporary Art

London Art Fair 2014 was surely impressive and major thing to attend and see, I just wish we had more time to explore. It was the 26th edition, taking place from 16th until 19th of January annually, however we had the time to attend only on the last day. It was a mix of modern British and Contemporary art by new and already established artists. A lot of pieces were worth to be in a museum or on my wall, only If I had at least 4000 pounds to spend.

Showing off new nails :D

Andrew Salgado

Dr Viktor Schroeder

Yu Jinyoung

Nicholas Jolly

P.J Crook

Paul Galyer


  1. uuuuu omg so jealous ! this seeemed so interesting !!

    1. yes, it was absolutely awesome, too bad it's finished now, well there is always next year;)

  2. I was in london a few weeks ago now I regret not going there :(


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