Friday, January 17, 2014

Horror Films And Fashion

Sounds weird, I know. But horror films, I would say are my main passion. There are a lot of indie horror films full of incredible cinematography, visuals and sometimes clothes. I get inspired a lot by films, occasionally even with fashion choices. In most mainstream films, especially horror, clothes worn by actors are too simple, t shirts and jeans for example. But what about some really cool pieces, that you can't help but stare at rather than focusing on some tense scenes instead? I think everyone had this moment, but probably not with horror films.

Bloody Mary

Short sleeve shirt
Casadei platform pumps £450 -
Zwilling chopping knive £92 -
Rubber's Lover

Jane Norman white crop top

Rag Bone long black velvet skirt
£120 -

Witchery choker jewelry
£38 -

Rose lipstick


  1. Nice post!


  2. this is such a good idea for a post!
    im your newest follower on bloglovin!

    emma xo

  3. What a creative post! Two of my favourite things in the world are fashion and films so stumbling across your blog, I had to subscribe because the way you write about and combine the two is so seamless and original. Such a breath of fresh air and interesting spin on traditional fashion blogging.

    I've never seen or heard of either films (I'm not exactly an avid horror film watcher) but you are absolutely right that the clothes are so on point! I love taking inspiration from films in my everyday style but I never thought horror films would be a source! Thanks for sharing.

    xx Lily

    1. thank you so much for commenting, that made me so happy, and motivated to write some more!
      I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think one thing can't go without the other, film and fashion can't be separated. Rubber's Lover might be too gory, however American Mary is beautiful with visuals and has so many fine clothes in it!

      Thanks for subscribing!


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