Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fashion Illustration: Masaki Mizuno, AleXsandro Palombo

I have always loved Fashion Illustration more rather than Photographic Illustrations to magazines, articles, books. 
Fashion Illustration came around before photography and existed for hundreds of years now. Around late 1930s it started getting replaced by photographs. However I still prefer it the classic way, I get really excited when I see beautiful illustrations in magazines. My childhood probably influenced it a lot, I preferred paper
dolls to plastic ones, I used to have a set from the 80s with a whole wardrobe, I loved them so much that they got ripped and damaged while I played with them a lot, so I started drawing my own dolls. Later in years this passion was replaced by reading loads of comic books and manga. So I was always more fascinated by drawn things rather than photographed.






Nowadays I follow closely my favorite fashion illustrators, and dream about being one of them one day.
Two of my favorite illustrators are Masaki Mizuno and AleXsandro Palombo. I really love their works because they not really are a stereotypical glamorous pictures for glossy magazines.

Dark, surreal, psychological, hand drawn.

Describes himself as Humor Chic. Surreal, full of black humor and colorful details. I really like his art for the satiric approach, not just anyone will have guts to bring to live.


  1. Thank you for introducing me to these artist. Very cool work!

    1. yep, check out the last one, so entertaining ;)


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