Thursday, January 16, 2014

3D Printing in Fashion. Future is closer than we think.

Last week I spent in my hometown Tallinn, chilling out while taking some time off work, I forgot how surreal and beautiful a proper winter feels like, after living in London for more than six years, I missed the snow so much. 

Well that is just a few words about how much I love Tallinn, before I get to the main topic.

While visiting Tallinn, my brother introduced me to 3D Printing, as he co owns Secured3D company. He showed around his working space, and I saw how a 3D printer operates in real life, as before I only read
articles about it online. It's really fascinating, how a desktop printer, can actually print out pieces of jewelry, robotic leg, little figurine of my brother sitting in a Buddha like position. That made me think that this is how fashion industry will develop in a couple of years time. Not bad having a printer to print new pair of shoes for you at home.

I think it's just a matter of time before, the 3D printing will take over, and I will patiently wait for that moment to come.

More about 3D Fashion HERE

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